The Leatherman Multi-Tool – It’s Still Awesome

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Why the Leatherman Multi Tool Continues To Be So Reliable


  • Versatile, with multiple tools.
  • Durable, because of it's high quality.
  • Safe due to it's ergonomic design.
  • Portable as it folds down.


  • Price, it can be more expensive.
  • Can be complex for new multi tool users.


  • 420HC Stainless Steel: Widely used in Leatherman tools for its durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 154CM Stainless Steel: A high-carbon alloy known for its edge retention.
  • Stainless Steel Finish.
  • Tool Options: Pliers, blades, saws, screwdrivers and more.

Our Review

In the realm of multi-tools, Leatherman has carved out a niche, embodying reliability, versatility, and quality. Established in 1983 by Tim Leatherman, the brand has ascended to prominence by offering a diverse array of multi-tools that cater to a spectrum of users, from the everyday handyman to the seasoned outdoorsman.

A Glimpse into Leatherman’s Legacy

Leatherman’s inception was driven by a simple yet profound need: to have a tool that could tackle multiple tasks without being cumbersome. The brand’s reputation is not merely anchored in its innovative designs but also in its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With a 25-year warranty guaranteeing its products, Leatherman stands as a testament to durability and reliability in the multi-tool market.

The Quintessence of Versatility

The essence of Leatherman multi-tools lies in their versatility. From pliers and knives to screwdrivers and bottle openers, these compact devices encapsulate a myriad of tools, ensuring users are equipped for various scenarios. Whether it’s for camping, hiking, or simple household fixes, the multi-tool proves to be an indispensable companion, embodying practicality and functionality in a compact form.

Leatherman Multi Tool Concept

Delving into the Material World

Leatherman multi-tools are synonymous with durability, thanks to the meticulous selection of materials. Predominantly crafted from 420HC stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance and strength, and in certain premium models, titanium and aluminum are employed to enhance lightweight characteristics without compromising durability. The tools also come in various finishes, such as the classic stainless steel and the sleek black oxide, catering to aesthetic and practical preferences.

A Kaleidoscope of Models and Tools

Leatherman’s diverse range, from the popular Wave+ and heavy-duty Surge to the compact Skeletool, offers a spectrum of options to users. Each model is a universe of tools unto itself, with knives, pliers, screwdrivers, and more, each meticulously designed to be easily deployable and safe to use. Safety is paramount, with features like locking mechanisms ensuring secure usage, while usability is enhanced with features like one-handed opening in certain models.

Navigating Through Pros and Cons

While Leatherman multi-tools are celebrated for their versatility and durability, it’s pivotal to navigate through their pros and cons. The brand offers a compact, reliable, and versatile tool range, crafted from high-quality materials and backed by a robust warranty. However, the initial investment can be hefty, and despite their compact nature, some models might be perceived as bulky. Furthermore, users must navigate through legal landscapes, ensuring compliance with local laws regarding tool carry, especially concerning knives.

Leatherman Multi Tool Concept

Customization and Accessories: Making it Uniquely Yours

Leatherman extends the utility of its tools through a range of accessories and customization options. From engraving services, allowing personalization, to a variety of accessories like bit kits and sheaths, users can enhance the functionality and personality of their tools. This not only elevates the practicality of the multi-tools but also allows users to tailor their devices to specific needs and preferences.

Legal and Safety Considerations

Navigating through the legal and safety aspects of carrying a multi-tool, especially in urban environments or while traveling, is crucial. Adhering to local laws regarding blade carry and ensuring safe usage and transportation of the tool are pivotal to avoid unintended mishaps. Leatherman’s design principles prioritize user safety, but awareness and responsible usage remain paramount.

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Our Product Score

Leatherman multi-tools have found their place in various fields, from outdoor adventures to professional settings. The compact nature and diverse tool options make them a practical choice for quick fixes and emergency scenarios. User stories often highlight the multi-tool’s role in situations like fixing a car in a remote location or aiding in unexpected scenarios during hiking trips.

5/5   Bullseye!

In Summary

Leatherman, through its diverse range and commitment to quality, has established itself as a reliable companion for various tasks in daily life and adventures. The brand encapsulates the essence of practicality, offering a compact solution that ensures users are never caught off guard, regardless of the scenario. While it’s crucial to navigate through the initial investment and legal considerations, the utility offered by Leatherman multi-tools stands undisputed, making them a worthy addition to any toolkit.

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