L Shaped Gaming Desk

4.5/5   Amazing

Experience Maximum Comfort and Functionality with the Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk

l shaped gaming desk


  • Impressive Design: The L-shaped design allows for a spacious and convenient workspace, perfect for home and office use. The desk also includes a cup holder and headset hook, reducing clutter and adding functionality.
  • RGB LED Lights: The desk features a unique RGB strip light under the monitor shelf, offering seven main colours and up to 22 display modes. This feature elevates the gaming atmosphere and user experience.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from robust materials with a metal base, this desk ensures stability and durability. The X-shaped desk legs and back mesh panels give extra strength and a sleek look.


  • Lack of Keyboard Tray: The desk doesn't include a dedicated keyboard tray, which might limit space efficiency and comfort for some users.
  • Light Control Missing: The RGB LED lights lack an off button, which means the lights need to be unplugged when not in use, a minor inconvenience.


  • Brand: Bestier
  • Product dimensions: 128D x 128W x 91H centimetres
  • Colour: Multiple
  • Base material: Metal
  • Mounting type: Freestanding
  • Item weight: 20 Kilograms

Our Review

For gamers who value comfort, functionality, and style, the Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk is an excellent choice. Its distinctive L-shaped design allows for two independent workspace sections, accommodating your gaming setup while offering room for other work essentials. The integrated monitor stand and ergonomic design offer a better viewing angle, promoting long hours of gaming without discomfort.

One of the desk’s standout features is the RGB LED strip light, positioned under the monitor shelf. Offering seven primary colours and up to 22 display modes, this feature amplifies the gaming atmosphere, adding an immersive feel to your sessions. This unique addition adds personality to the desk, setting it apart from others on the market.

l shaped gaming desk

l shaped gaming desk

While the desk offers numerous positives, it also comes with a few drawbacks. One of them is the lack of a dedicated keyboard tray. Although this doesn’t affect the overall usability of the desk, it might limit the available space for some users. Additionally, the LED light strip does not have an off button, meaning it needs to be manually unplugged when not in use.

l shaped gaming desk

l shaped gaming desk

Despite these minor shortcomings, the overall quality, design, and functionality of the Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk make it an excellent choice for gamers. The added benefits such as the headset hook and cup holder increase functionality and reduce clutter on the desk, providing a more focused gaming environment.

Our Product Score

While the desk provides a perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality, the lack of an off-switch for the LED light and a dedicated keyboard tray keeps it from achieving a perfect score.

4.5/5   Amazing

In Summary

The Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk stands as an impressive choice for gamers, with its unique design, excellent functionality, and sturdy construction. Its minor flaws are greatly outweighed by the many benefits it provides. For gamers seeking a desk with a dedicated keyboard tray, the L-Shaped Gaming desk from HOMCOM (Available on Amazon) might be a suitable alternative.

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