How To Fix Split Keyboard on iPad

The iPad’s split keyboard feature is designed to help users type with their thumbs while holding the device. However, it can be surprising or even frustrating when activated unintentionally. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix, adjust, or use the split keyboard feature on an iPad.

Step 1: Understanding the Split Keyboard

The split keyboard can be activated or deactivated with a simple gesture.
When in split mode, the keyboard divides into two, appearing at either side of the iPad’s screen.

Step 2: Merging the Split Keyboard

Using a Gesture: Touch and hold the keyboard key (it looks like a small keyboard icon) located at the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Now, slide your finger upwards to the ‘Merge’ option. This should bring the keyboard back to its standard layout.
Dragging the Keyboard: You can also merge the keyboard by simply dragging the two halves towards each other.

Step 3: Repositioning the Split Keyboard

If you find the position of the split keyboard inconvenient, you can change its location:

  • Touch and hold the keyboard key.
  • Drag it to a different location on the screen.

Step 4: Disabling the Split Keyboard Feature

If you never want to use the split keyboard feature:

  • Open the iPad’s ‘Settings’ app.
  • Navigate to ‘General’ > ‘Keyboard.’
  • Turn off the toggle for ‘Split Keyboard.’

Step 5: Resetting the Keyboard Settings

If the keyboard isn’t responding as expected, you can reset the keyboard settings:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on the iPad.
  • Go to ‘General’ > ‘Reset.’
  • Tap on ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary.’ This action will return the keyboard to its default settings, but keep in mind it will also erase any custom words or phrases you’ve saved.

Step 6: Restart Your iPad

If the above solutions don’t work:

  • Restart your iPad by holding the power button until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider appears on the screen. Slide it, and after the iPad turns off, turn it back on by holding the power button.

Step 7: Update iOS

Occasionally, glitches may be due to outdated software:

  • Go to ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to ‘General’ > ‘Software Update.’
  • If an update is available, tap ‘Download and Install.’


The split keyboard on the iPad is a handy feature for some, but it can be confusing when activated accidentally. Use the steps above to manage this feature as per your preferences. If persistent issues with the keyboard (or any other iPad features) continue, consider reaching out to Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store for hands-on assistance.

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