Cyberpower PC

A User Perspective on This Awesome Gaming Hardware Brand

Cyberpower PC

Why Cyberpower PC’s?

As a passionate gamer and tech enthusiast for over three decades, my relationship with Cyberpower PC dates back to 2001. Over these 20+ years, CyberPower has been a constant companion in my gaming journey, an experience I’m eager to share.

OG Cyberpower PC

My first purchase from CyberPowerPC was a custom-built gaming desktop. I am going to admit to being a massive nerd, and I spent days trawling through magazines like Custom PC, and PC Mag to try and discover the latest and greatest tech that would (a) Future Proof my purchase (as I was a college student and wanted something that would last 3-4 years and play the latest games), (b) Be Reliable – I can’t abide sending shit back and forward that doesn’t work, and (c) Be equally good for studying – word processing, excel sheet manipulation etc. as it was at Planescape torment.

I stumbled upon Cyberpower PC at the time and I was amazed, their were very few companies dedicated to Gaming PC’s, that would let you select the exact  spec you wanted and build it and test it for you. They also offered an overclocking service and rush build options, which for impatient nerds like me was a godsend. The alternative was to purchase parts and components from hardware suppliers and build the PC yourself, which I had little enthusiasm for, because if something went wrong with X component and I had built the whole machine from ordered parts, I may not have the knowledge to diagnose which of those components was failing – much better to select what I wanted and have the company build and test it for me.

Cyberpower PC Today

CyberPower PC’s intuitive and user-friendly website make the process incredibly easy. The detailed descriptions and specifications helped me research each component meticulously, a feature I have grown to appreciate over the years.

I have bought four PCs from CyberPower PC for personal use, and several on behalf of family members, and each PC has been a joy.

What sets CyberPower PC apart for me is the relief of not having to worry about the complexities of building the PC. Once you’ve selected your components, the team at CyberPower PC takes over, building and testing your machine to ensure optimal performance. The peace of mind knowing that your system has been assembled and tested by professionals is invaluable, especially for those who may not be comfortable with the intricacies of PC building.

In my gaming circle, CyberPower PC has been my go-to recommendation. Both my brother and a couple of close friends have opted for CyberPower PC on my advice, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve particularly enjoyed the powerful performance and the longevity of the machines, underlining the quality that CyberPower PC stands for.

In recent years, I have found myself splitting my time between my Cyberpower PC desktop and my Razer Laptop, as I have needed more portability for work travel, and having an awesome gaming laptop has been a great bonus. I honestly cannot recommend Cyberpower PC’s laptop versions over the amazing range of Razer laptops, but, then that’s not what the brand stands for.

Cyber Summary?

The ability to research, customize, and receive a professionally built and tested desktop machine makes CyberPower PC stand out in the crowded market of gaming PCs. Their dedication to quality and performance has not wavered over my 20+ years of gaming with them, making them a brand I’ve confidently recommended to friends and family.  The overall package that they offer is an excellent choice for any gaming enthusiast.

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