Corsair MM350 PRO Premium: For Gamers Who Mean Business

4/5   Strong Performer

More than just a mouse pad, it’s a command center

Corsair mm350 pro


  • Spill-Proof, Stain-Resistant Coating: Save the drama for the game, not the clean-up.
  • Massive Size: More room than a Manhattan apartment.
  • Micro-Weave Fabric: Smooth moves guaranteed.


  • Potential stickiness on the top third of the mat.
  • Adjustment time required for mouse sensitivity settings.


  • Spill-Proof, Stain-Resistant Coating
  • Micro-Weave Fabric
  • Size: 930 mm x 400 mm (36.6 Inch x 15.7 Inch)
  • 4 mm-Thick Plush Rubber Construction
  • Durable Stitched Anti-Fray Edges

Our Review

Corsair is a name that strikes respect in the heart of any seasoned gamer, and the MM350 PRO Premium gaming mouse pad lives up to that reputation. Its spacious size provides ample room for your gaming mouse, keyboard, and more. The MM350 Pro is like a mini command center, perfectly fitting a full-size keyboard and mouse with room to spare.

One of the outstanding features of the MM350 PRO is the spill-proof and stain-resistant coating. So, if your energy drink decides to topple mid-battle, you’re safe knowing your mouse pad will stay clean and undamaged. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy its luxurious 4mm thick plush rubber construction. It’s comfortable enough to support long hours of gaming sessions.

The MM350 PRO comes with a micro-weave fabric that guarantees a smoother glide for your mouse. There is a slight learning curve as the pad may require some adjustments in mouse sensitivity settings, but once that’s sorted, it’s smooth sailing.

Its durability is commendable, with stitched anti-fray edges that guard against surface peeling. It’s the little things, like these stitched edges, that make this mouse pad a lasting companion for your gaming journey.

Our Product Score

The Corsair MM350 PRO Premium edges on greatness with its innovative features and durable design, However, minor points were deducted due to the slight adjustment period required for mouse sensitivity and a minor issue with stickiness in a small portion of the pad.

4/5   Strong Performer

In Summary

The Corsair MM350 PRO Premium is a top-tier gaming mouse pad that stands tall in a crowded market. If you're a gamer looking for a mouse pad that brings together function, style, and longevity, this one's for you. As an alternative, for those looking for a smaller or simpler mouse pad, you might consider another good contender - The SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface.

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