Asus AX86U Gaming Router

4.5/5   Amazing

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Unrivaled Speed and Seamless Coverage!

Asus AX86U Gaming Router


  • Ultrafast WiFi 6 speeds up to 5700 Mbps and 160MHz channels.
  • Mobile Game Mode minimizes lag and latency for seamless mobile gaming.
  • Flexible AiMesh compatibility allows for easy network expansion and roaming.


  • Initial setup can be complex for certain ISP configurations.
  • Limited app functionality and potential for occasional WiFi drops.


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Features: VPN support, Gaming optimizations
  • Frequency Band: Dual-Band
  • Communication: 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
  • Inclusions: RT-AX86U, setup guide, power adapter
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Controls: Via dedicated app

Our Review

The ASUS AX86U Gaming Router is not just any router—it’s a testament to ASUS’s dedication to advancing gaming experiences. Right out of the box, you can sense its potential, given its sleek design and robust build. However, it’s the inner capabilities that truly dazzle.

Asus AX86U Gaming Router

Starting with its next-gen WiFi 6 speeds, the router promises and delivers a powerful 5700 Mbps. This means your favorite online games load faster, stream seamlessly, and stay connected. The era of buffering and lagging screens is rendered obsolete, making the gaming experience smoother than ever.

But what really captures the essence of a gaming-centric device is its Mobile Game Mode. Designed thoughtfully for the contemporary gamer, this feature ensures that gaming on smartphones and tablets feels just as smooth as on a console or PC. With a simple tap on the ASUS Router app, the router prioritizes your game data, ensuring latency-free sessions. Whether you’re navigating intense FPS matches or immersive RPG landscapes, your gameplay remains uninterrupted and at peak performance.

Asus AX86U Gaming Router

Beyond just gaming, the router’s utility for home networks is a key highlight. The AiMesh compatibility feature lets homeowners effortlessly expand their coverage. No more grappling with dead spots or weak signals in distant rooms. With the AX86U, your entire living space—be it a sprawling mansion or a cozy apartment with multiple walls—enjoys strong and steady internet.

Asus AX86U Gaming Router

However, the path to a perfect connection might have its challenges. Several users, especially those with specific ISP configurations like Sky, have reported a slightly complicated setup process. It’s not an insurmountable obstacle, but patience and a bit of tech-savviness might be necessary to navigate these initial waters.

Asus AX86U Gaming Router

Additionally, while the ASUS app does offer easy monitoring and some controls, it feels like it only scratches the surface of what such a powerhouse device can truly offer. Power users might yearn for more granular control or advanced monitoring features, a slight hiccup in an otherwise stellar device.

Asus AX86U Gaming Router

In terms of stability, a few users have noted occasional WiFi drops. Though infrequent, it’s something to be aware of, especially if you’re engaged in critical tasks or high-stakes gaming sessions.

In conclusion, the ASUS AX86U Gaming Router stands tall in the realm of connectivity devices, showcasing what’s possible when tech meets the demands of modern gaming and home networking needs.

Our Product Score

The ASUS AX86U offers gamers a reliable, high-speed connection with the flexibility to grow their home network. While it has minor setbacks, it’s undoubtedly a top pick for serious gamers. If you’re exploring alternatives, consider the ASUS AX88U for a slightly different feature set with similar ASUS reliability.

4.5/5   Amazing

In Summary

The ASUS AX86U Gaming Router is a remarkable piece of tech, boasting top-tier features and performance. While the initial setup might be tricky for some and the app may feel restricted, the overall performance and network capabilities are nearly unparalleled.

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