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Apex Gaming PC Brand Lowdown

Apex Gaming PC’s are a bit different from the Razers and MSI’s of this world, and after hearing some hype about the company, I wanted to dive in and see what all the fuss was about.

All About Apex

I started with their about us page, and quickly realised they portray themselves as a very human gaming company that does more than just present the company’s offerings. It humanizes the brand and successfully interweaves the personal stories of its team members into the larger narrative about the power of gaming.

There’s Jason, who suffered from PTSD after serving in the Navy, uses gaming as a therapeutic tool, imparting a meaningful and philanthropic aspect to Apex Gaming PCs. It’s clear that Jason understands the healing potential of gaming and extends this belief into his work at Apex. Liam’s story offers a different angle, showcasing how gaming can serve as a safe haven and a means of self-discovery and acceptance. This narrative is poignant and authentic, showing that Apex values inclusivity, diversity, and understanding. Jeff’s story is about connection, discovery, and the global community that gaming can cultivate. By featuring Jeff’s story, Apex Gaming PCs highlights the social dimension of gaming, going beyond the stereotype of isolated gamers, and showing it as a powerful way of fostering friendships.

The company’s dedication to providing a sense of normalcy and joy to a child battling leukaemia, L, is particularly inspiring and showcases the brand’s commitment to making a difference beyond their business goals.

Next I checked out some recent reviews from consumers on the site:

…I’ve never owned an actual gaming PC before, only a few laptops. Let me say I’m genuinely very happy that I chose Apex to be the first. I am very pleased with the build, and most importantly how the PC feels and performs. I have no negative things to say about the product itself, however I do wish that I was updated a bit more during the build process, as it took weeks to get any updates sometimes (Though it was understandable due to part supply shortages). 10/10 for me! Ean S. 18/07/2023

Well, after 3 months with my PC, I’m even more in love with it. It’s doing well and handles some of the most strenuous gaming and sessions with ease. I’ve been very happy with it and I’m glad Apex Gaming PCs built such an amazing PC. Darius G. 08/06/2023

I’m not gonna lie the wait was tremendously long (about 4 months). But I couldn’t be more happy with my product. I got updates constantly, and every time I reached out I got a well written response. I was a little confused when I got the PC but John from costumer service cleared all my questions. Would definitely recommend this product. Evan N. 03/07/2023

Now please be aware that although we do tend to put their faith in consumer product reviews when it comes to making their next purchase, you should look at all the evidence – on an initial scan, there does seem to be a good balance in the reviews of positive sentiment and some minor challenges on their website, but there were also comments about the time it takes Apex to build out these systems. I went to visit an independent consumer review site, and also found that the reviews concurred:

Here are some recent Trust Pilot Reviews (Apex Gaming PC’s have a 3.6 rating overall from 48 reviews):

I’ve been waiting about a month for my PC (Paid for a 2 week rush build), asked about a refund on that, completely ignored in that situation. For the past two weeks i was basically promised by the two guys on the phone, two different times it would be shipped out, and still never shipped out until a Friday two weeks later. (I paid for 1-2 shipping which was over $200) and it’s now stating i’m gonna have to wait about a week for my PC to arrive at my house. These guys are honestly pathetic when it comes to other people spending THOUSANDS of dollars. They lack communication skills and people skills. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to this company. You’ll lose your money. Also, I have emailed plenty of times about my frustration and i was completely ignored 50% of the time, the other 50% they said one thing, but did the other. Honestly disappointing. Date of experience: 20 July 2023

Earlier this year my wife and I were looking to purchase new gaming PC’s, and after doing research on a few companies we went with Apex based off of their offering of a custom loop option as well as the specific cases we wanted. We placed our orders in the first week of March (hers was a normal build stated to take about 2-6 weeks, mine was a custom loop stated to take on average 8-12 weeks, with some delays due to supply chain issues). My PC arrived two days ago, 7/19, and I immediately noticed it was not the case I had ordered, it was not the ram I had ordered, the gpu was mounted vertically, but as I had waited about 19 weeks for the PC to arrive I was willing to accept the changes made and be done with the whole process. However when I went to fill the custom loop reservoir a tube popped out of the fitting and fluid shot all over my desk.

After contacting support I was told that they would pay for shipping to have me send it back to be repaired and in my frustration I requested that I just send it back and got a refund as I am over the entire situation and do not feel like waiting any longer for them to fix a pc that has already taken this long to arrive. My wife has still not received her PC, it is stated to arrive Monday the 24th, meaning hers has taken almost 3 times the stated lead time, and I don’t know if she would be receiving it now if we hadn’t contacted support throughout the process, where it was finally shipped after they asked her if she was okay changing some of the parts inside.

When you order you are sent an email stating their team will be in contact with you in case any changes need to be made in regards to parts, this never happened without us reaching out first to ask the status, as their order portal was constantly incorrect. I have not heard anything beyond the support person over the phone ask me to send in images so their supervisor could contact the refund team. This was early Wednesday, I see their phone support is closed Friday during the summer and assume I have to wait until next week to even get a pre-paid shipping label to send everything back, assuming they will even offer me the option of a refund. This has absolutely been an unacceptable process that has taken entirely too long. Date of experience: 05 March 2023

I would say this is a fairly strong indicator that at least in recent months (July, 2023) that Apex Gaming PC are not communicating or setting expectations with their customers regarding the length of time it will take their computers to be built and delivered, leading to upset and frustration, it does seem that consumers once they receive their products are pleased with their Apex Gaming PC, however, there are also a number of comments which mention that if something is not quite right with the PC on delivery, the customer service has not been particularly helpful.

Gaming PC Offering

Apex Gaming PCs doesn’t disappoint with their customisation options on their website. They offer a range of high-performance, customizable gaming computers that cater to the needs of a diverse gamer base, from the casual player to the seasoned pro. Whether you’re battling it out in a fast-paced esports tournament or losing yourself in the latest immersive RPG, Apex Gaming PCs deliver the performance on many levels.

They also have plenty of guides, refurbished PC’s for Sale, Laptops, Deals and Discounts which makes for a good experience if you are browsing their content looking for your next purchase. Example Below:

To sum up my brief research, I feel like the prices, offers and deals that Apex Gaming PC is offering currently is good, they also feel highly price competitive with other gaming companies offering a pre-built offer, but if recent reviews are to be believed they are having some challenges with their customer service and delivery expectations. If I were in a rush to purchase a gaming PC right now, I would probably recommend an offering from the likes of Cyberpower Systems. However, if I wanted to buy a PC from a company that was a little different and whose employees believe in and live their mission, you could wait and see if things improve at Apex Gaming PC, and check them out again later in 2023.


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